"The best investment our company has made on analytics" - Benzapp, Bob Martin

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Double your e-commerce revenue with our proven Brand Lift CRO™ framework

Get the roadmap to boost conversions, increase AOV, LTV and purchase frequency.

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What’s in an E-commerce Conversion Audit?

  • Fully designed mockups built for your brand.
  • Improved messaging, call-to-action, and page flows.
  • Section be section analysis by senior CRO and UX/UI experts.
  • Recommendations based on impact and cost.
  • Long-lasting, tested conversion tactics.
  • Proven strategy to increase your LTV, AOV, and CVR.

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4.9 Average Rating

Proven to Drive Real Impact for Your Brand.

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Performed an excellent analysis of our systems and processes to help us streamline. Their team was highly skilled and knowledgeable about how to improve marketing based on actual data and to improve your social media messaging.

Dr. Toni M.D.

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Your audit was terrific. Not only did it give us some more immediate changes to make, it also really put a light on one of our biggest online marketing initiatives right now. We’re going to start AB testing right away.

Darren K. | Marketing Manager

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They have been fantastic at helping grow our e-commerce business. They are experts in the strategy and execution of our marketing plan. Our company has had rapid growth and their team has been supportive and agile to help with our changing needs.

Jimmy F. | CEO

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Accessible CRO support for e-commerce brands.

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Free Quick Wins Audit

Digital Dames team analyzes a URL that you specify and provides a mobile-optimized redesign of 1 critical section from the page along with your General site scorecard (20-point checklist)

$0Limit 1 per brand

  • Full mobile redesign and analysis of one cross- section from the submitted URL
  • Development ready mobile-focused design file (Figma) for 1 critical section
  • CRO scorecard: General recommendations (20-point checklist) pinpointing your Quick Wins
  • Yes, it’s completely free – no payment required

Start now – get your free audit delivered in 7 days


CRO Action Plan

Digital Dames team analyzes your full site experience and provides analysis of the top 3 most critical changes needed to boost your brand trust, conversion, LTV, and AOV along with a mobile-optimized redesign of 3 critical sections in your customer journey.


  • Complete hands-on audit of your e-commerce store including Home, Category, Product, Landing, Cart, Checkout and Thank You pages (300+ critical checkpoints)
  • Full mobile redesign and analysis of the 3 most critical sections in your customer journey.
  • E-commerce Google Sheet checklist with list of your CRO priorities based on impact and cost
  • Development ready mobile-focused design files (Figma) for 3 most critical sections

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Most popular

Managed CRO

Full analysis of the key conversion points across your site, plus managed A/B testing and fully managed design and development of your most critical CRO priorities.

Starting at $1,999 $2,800 a month

  • Everything included in the CRO Action Plan plus we fully implement your CRO program.
  • Dedicated team, including CRO project manager, data analyst, UX designer, copywriter, developer and a private company Slack channel.
  • Quarterly strategy meetings for experiment review and iterative learning with your executive team.
  • Fully managed CRO engineering & reporting using top experimentation tools like: VWO, Convert and Shogun. All design files and prototypes developed in Figma and shared with your team.
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Get a FREE redesign on the house, just like:
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Elevate your most critical conversion points, just like:
No stone left unturned, dial in every conversion point, just like:
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60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We guarantee your Digital Dames experience wil be valuable. If you don’t agree, let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund– no questions asked.
Fully managed E-COMMERCE CRO

How Does It Work?

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Exclusively focused on e-commerce brands

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High Impact Conversions


Increase total orders

  • Section by section analysis
  • Recommendations categorized by impact and cost
  • Remove typical frustration points
  • Properly guide users in a clear, natural way


Increase average order value

  • Updated messaging, call-to-actions, and site flow
  • Build a consistent brand experience across your site
  • Proven tactics to increase up-sells and cross-sells to increase AOV


Get more from your ads

  • Convert more customers who discover your brand for the first time
  • Increase purchase frequency and overall new customers
  • Build lasting brand loyalty

Technology-certified partner for e-commerce CRO industry leaders

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Digital Dames offers fully managed CRO services to measure, plan and implement A/B test experiments using the best-in-class e-commerce tech stack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Digital Dames process kickoff?

Start by selecting from one of our CRO offers. The first thing we do is contact you to say Hello! and confirm receipt of your request or purchase.

For the FREE CRO Quick Wins Audit: Just fill out this form to kickoff the process! Be sure to check your Spam folder to make sure our emails are hitting your inbox. You’ll receive your audit within seven (7) business days.

For the CRO Action Plan Audit: Checkout online here. Your dedicated CRO Manager will send you a warm welcome to confirm your company details, and to schedule your consultation to present your CRO Action Plan within ten (10) business days.

For the Managed CRO Plan: If a CRO Action Plan Audit hasn’t already been performed and shared with you, then we’ll get all of your details so we can complete the audit and send it to you.

What happens after I receive my report?
That’s up to you! If you found our FREE CRO Quick Wins Audit useful, then sign up for the full, 300-point CRO Action Plan Audit to get an even more comprehensive report. You can request the design source files to implement our recommended optimizations yourself or you can sign up for our monthly Managed CRO plan to get our help with ongoing strategy and execution of your plan.
How long will it take to receive my audit report?
You will receive your FREE CRO Quick Wins Audit approximately seven (7) business days from receipt of your request.

You will receive your CRO Action Plan Audit approximately ten (10) business days after purchase of this option.

The monthly Managed CRO option includes the CRO Action Plan, which will take approximately ten (10) business days after purchase.

Is my brand too small for CRO?
Ecommerce companies with an annual revenue between 6 and 7 figures are the best fit for our Managed CRO services. Brands with at least 1,000 unique website visitors per month or MAU, benefit from our CRO Action plan service.
Will the Digital Dames team update my site?
We are a full stack development firm specializing in Conversion Optimization. We fully design and develop on-site AB tests for our Managed CRO clients and sometimes our clients benefit from a full website teardown which our team is prepared to produce.
What’s included with my Audit Report?

The FREE CRO Quick Wins Audit includes a CRO Scorecard and our key recommendations based on the 20-point audit checklist, a mobile-ready redesign of one (1) critical section of your homepage, a final Quick Wins Audit Report (PDF), and a brief video walkthrough of the Report.

The CRO Action Plan Audit includes a CRO Scorecard and our key recommendations based on the full 300-point audit checklist, mobile-ready redesigns of three (3) critical sections of your website, a final CRO Action Plan Audit Report (PDF), and a 30-minute live video strategy consultation with our team via Zoom.

In addition to the CRO Action Audit, the monthly Managed CRO plan includes recommended priorities and timing for implementation for the most critical CRO optimizations.

Can you work on our Figma files?
Yes we can! Just provide the public, shareable link to your design file.
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