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Is your business ready to thrive in the data-driven landscape of 2023? With the latest shift from session-based to event-based tracking in Google Analytics 4, having a solid data strategy has become more critical than ever before.
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Does setting up your analytics feel a little like this?


We can help.


Dames GA4/GTM/Event Tracking Bundle

Our team of seasoned experts will meticulously review your current analytics setup and uncover opportunities for improvement. We’ll assess the alignment of your data strategy with Google Analytics 4’s event-based model, ensuring that your approach is future-proof and in line with industry best practices.

A few key ares of focus:

GTM account inventory

Google Analytics integration

event tracking

naming conventions

conversions, tags, and variables

integration with ads accounts

Your Final deliverables will include:


  • Install Google Analytics 4 code on your website
  • Cleanup old analytics code on site.
  • Remove any old analytics accounts that are not being used.

Build Event Tracking Plan

  • Organizations need to develop a strategy for transitioning from a goal based
    tracking approach to an event based tracking approach.
  • Some considerations need to be made around capabilities and limitations of tech
    stack to code for track events and associated properties.
  • Recommended format for implementing utm parameters to feed into analytics in
    a consistent way across different marketing channels. I recommend the use of
    utm.io for good management of these within the organization.
    See example tracking plan here



Code New Events

  • Rebuild Goal Tracking from an events perspective. (Up to 10 events)

  • Here we will rebuild your old goals in GTM according to new technical requirements with GA4 and event based tracking.

  • This will require integration of Google Tag Manager into your website if you are not already using it.

  • If you are running any kind of paid advertising campaigns, your conversion actions will need to be rebuilt and linked to a new GA4 script inside of Google Tag Manager (Up to 10 events)

Integrate 3rd Party Marketing Scripts

  • Here we will add any additional marketing scripts that you might not have currently connected to your GTM account.  (Up to 3 connected accounts for starter package)
  • Once accounts and events have been linked in GTM we will then work with your marketing team to get the conversion actions correspondingly updated in your marketing accounts so that you can optimize your campaigns on these events. 

Organizational Knowledge Development

  • Who on your team will be responsible for managing your new analytics strategy?


  • New custom report to reflect your KPIs.

Packages start at $2,499

$2,249 discount good through Aug 31st.

And after we promise you’ll feel like this.

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So What’s Different With Google Analytics 4?

Basically we are going through a kind of data renaissance on the internet, where everyone is moving to a different way of collecting and reporting on data.

This is actually a good thing, because its much more flexible.

But as you know, growing pains can be difficult.

Keep in mind, GA4 isn’t just a rebrand of the old platform; it was completely rebuilt from the ground up.

What are the cool new features you can explore with GA4?

Discover What’s New About Google Analytics 4

GA4 is ridiculously customizable, which means you can choose what shows up in your main dashboard.

  • Universal Analytics allows for some customization: you can create custom dimensions, metrics, and events and create a limited number of custom reports. GA4 goes a lot further.

GA4 tracks events, not sessions or page views.

  • This event-based model tracks more useful information. In plain terms, this means you can tell Google exactly what you want to track. By tracking additional attributes outside of pageviews, GA4 can provide a clearer view of the entire customer journey.
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  • GA4 supports full cross-device and cross-platform reporting
  • GA4 leverages automation and AI to provide predictive analytics
  • Universal Analytics only tracks past data. With GA4, Google allows businesses to see into the future by using machine learning to predict future behavior. For example, it can predict how likely a customer is to make a purchase in your app or churn, or it can predict revenue over the next 28 days.
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The GA4 search bar provides detailed insights fast

  • For example, say you want to know how many more visitors you got this week than last. Just…ask.
  • It tells you right in the search results; you don’t even have to click to see the data.
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