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Happy Earth Day! Meet 4 Conservation-Focused Clients We’re Honored to Know

Apr 18, 2021 | PEOPLE & THINGS WE LOVE

Here at Digital Dames, we hold Mother Earth so closely to our hearts. 

To celebrate Earth Day, we are delighted to share some wonderful organizations we’ve had the pleasure to partner with who are doing their part to reduce waste and bring meaningful, positive change to the climate crisis.


Connect & Conserve is a digital initiative that will aggregate wildlife conservation organization data into a single platform to provide searchable data dashboards to the network, funding agencies, and the public.

Last year, Digital Dames was honored to be among the team awarded first place in Capsule Hack 2020 working with a talented team of developers and marketers from all around the world to launch the Connect & Conserve platform. Follow the organization on Facebook here.


Fishing Cat Conservancy’s mission is to empower global communities with conservation jobs that restore ecosystems, and help solve deforestation, extinction, and climate change.

The organization has secured 700+ acres of land partnerships in India, Sri Lanka, and the United States, contracting with two land partners working with local communities to restore and reforest their own lands.

Watch Fishing Cat Conservancy’s founder Ashwin Naidu speaking at TED on the link between fishing cats and mangrove forest conservation here.


It’s rare to find a fashion brand truly committed to ethical sourcing, manufacturing and production, but Brooklyn-based womenswear label Ajaie Alaie does just that.

Founder Daniella Samper prioritizes small scale, responsible producers to craft gorgeous, hand-made pieces that will be the cornerstone of your capsule wardobe. The brand’s entire supply chain 99% sustainable and uses 100% natural fibers and no synthetic materials. All of their pieces are produced by hand in small, responsibly run facilities in Peru and India.

The brand’s aim is to support communities of thriving artisans and farmers while ensuring that our garments do not degrade the environment.

Frutama’s mission is to conserve the Amazon rainforest through inspiring and rewarding sustainable harvesting practices of wildly growing fruits. Sustainable supply of non-destructively harvested fruits can deliver long term income to support social cohesion, opportunity and healthy, growing communities.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post

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