We build Mobile apps that power global commerce

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We build web apps that protect the environment

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We build mobile apps that improve financial health

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We build mobbile apps that enhance well-being

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Product Development for AI Powered Fintech App Hope The Money Bot
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Everything You Need To Know Before Build Your App

Everything You Need To Know Before Building Your App

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What To Think About Before Launching Your First Mobile App
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The Biggest Challenges For Mobile App Marketers in 2022 and How to Overcome Them
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What Makes A Really Good App?

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Mobile App Tech Must-Haves (A Roundup of our Favorite Mar-Tech Tools)

go from idea, wireframe, or technical specs to working applications ridiculously fast with our app dev framework.

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“After Digital Dames re-built our App, our sales conversion rate doubled.”


Custom events that help you track your bottom line.

Your data strategy is just as important as your user experience. We guarantee high performance in both of these areas.

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Here’s what we’re working on

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Mobile App Development FAQs

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

Mobile app development costs have a large range as with any technical project it depends on complexity. Some things that have a big impact on price are:

  • Do you already have an interactive protoype built? – Do you already have the enture user experience laid out visually with everything branded using a tool like Figma? This will generall shave about 100 hours off a project. Checkout our post on interactive prototyping.
  • The language you will build in. Will you build completely native mobile apps for iOS and Android, or will you take a hybrid approach. Native apps are basically two separate builds so the proces doubles there. Hybrid is usually cheaper, but it can have some limitations, so good to do your research. 
  • Are you going to integrate a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? Setting up a CDP requires a lot of strategic planning around data taxonomies, API integrations and then of course coding all the custom events and data flows. This can also be added at a late point. However doing it at the time of your initial mobile app development can save you a lot of time an money so we always recommend that these go hand in hand. 

In our experience mobile app pricing generaly starts aroun $10k and on up to $300k. If you are looking to build out something like an Uber, that could go much higher as you can imaging. 

Where to start mobile app development?

The first thing to do when you are considering building a mobile app is do your research. Find out what other apps already exist that are similar. Once you know what is out there then you can re-think your strategy and come up with a competitive advantage, something new that isn’t being done.

The next stage is to build out a prototype and get user feedback. This could be as simple as a sketch on a napkin, bring it around to your friends at a party and ask them, would you use this? Get feedback. Then if it seems your on to something go into the interactive prototyping stage.

Once you have finalized your interactive prototype you can then find a mobile app development partner and start our the build process.

How long does it take to build an app?

In our experience most mobile app development projects span 3-6 months.

What languages do you build your apps in?

We are big fans for React Native, so we usually recommend that. However somtimes we will also build in swift, Flutter, HTML5, JAVA, Kotlin, Python and more.

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