Product Development For AI-Powered Fintech App Hope the Money Bot

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Digital Dames was challenged with the task of product development expansion & rebranding for the artificial intelligence fintech tool – Hope the Money Bot. The client wanted to improve user experience and create a personality around the tool, like you see with companies like Geico, making it feel more accessible and trustworthy.

Our branding approach was “how can we make Hope, an AI chatbot, feel more human”?

Our Roles

  • Branding/Marketing Strategy
  • User Interaction & Experience Design
  • Systems Design & API Data Mapping for Partner Integrations
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About Hope

From the early startup days, Hope Bot selected Digital Dames as their product development partner, to help deliver their game-changing technology.

Aiming to help everyday Americans break the poverty cycle, the mobile chatbot offers a variety of amazing features that help users to spend wisely, save more and build wealth using their trademarked AI-powered technology backed by behavioral science.

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The Solution

  • Character design and branding
  • Visual identity and architecture redesign
  • Onboarding sequence strategy and redesign
  • Menu and content restructure
Hope Money Bot - Home Screen
  • Smart AI Chat Bot API Integration Mobile Coach
  • Bill Fixers API Integration
  • Lifecents API Integration
  • Yodlee bank account API Integration

Onboarding Sequence Strategy & Redesign
The entire visual identity of Hope’s Budget Manager tool was reworked with intuitive buttons, mobile-first layouts and new copywriting to introduce the features of the app.

Character Design & Branding
To enhance trust among our user base, we expanded on the Hope character to provide a friendly face to the AI-powered financial coaching robot.

Systems Mapping for API Integrations
Designed the user flow to help customers connect bank accounts, upload bills and manage their budgets using third party technology integrations with Hope.

Enhanced User Flow 
In order to help users understand the sequence of steps to engage with Hope’s Budget Manager features, new checklists and commitment pledges were introduced to guide customers through their profile setup process.

UI Restructure
Before and After

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Slide #1

2 1 1

Slide #2

3 1 1

Slide #3

4 1

Slide #4

5 1

Slide #5


399% increase

Conversion rate for new user account signups

237% increase

New user checklist onboarding completion

129% increase

Bank account connection conversion rate

Phase 1: How Does A Project Start?

Product Analysis, competitive research and strategizing new flows for enhancing user experience.

Product Analysis
Hope User Onboarding 2021 – Figma
Phase 2: User Interaction Design?
Here we map out all new user user flows in updated branding.
Phase 3: Interactive Prototype
Product Analysis, competitive research and strategizing new flows for enhancing user experience.
▶ Page 1 Hope User Onboarding 2021

“I have had the pleasure of working with Digital Dames for years and I have been nothing but impressed with the level of professionalism, detail, organization for analytical thinking.

I have tried several other firms in my more than 15 years in business, but they are by far the most effective and efficient, the best! I would be happy to provide more specific details if you need, but I would highly recommend the team at Digital Dames.”

Kevin Murphy

CEO, Hope Money Bot / Umbrella Financial

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