The first critical decision in launching your website for the first time is selecting a great domain name. We highly recommend this article by Entrepreneur, “Do’s and Don’ts of Securing a Domain Name.

Here are the six best practices highlighted in the article, but be sure to click through and read the article in its entirety to get the details:

Do: Include a location or keywords in your domain name, if you can.

Do: Register yourself as the owner of the domain name.

Do: Remember to renew your domain name registration.

Don’t: Use dashes, abbreviations or numbers in your domain name.

Don’t: Waste money on extensions other than .com.

Don’t: Buy a domain without checking into its past.

Remember that in addition to the domain name itself (your long URL, you’ll also need to purchase hosting. Your domain is kind of like purchasing a sign with the name of your business on it, while hosting services is like signing a lease for a space to place your goods. Most companies that sell domains also offer hosting packages, but you don’t necessarily need to purchase both services from the same provider. 

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