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An SEO checker is a great tool that can help you distinguish where your website still needs improvements. It helps avoid negative impressions on search engine ranking by scanning web pages for SEO or technical errors and issues.
While an SEO analysis tool helps you analyze if your SEO strategies are working and identify the obstacles that prevent your site from improving on rankings.

Inside Your SEO Report

1 Site Speed Analysis 1

Site Speed Analysis

This helps analyze your website content and produces recommendations to help make your pages load faster.
2 url resolve

URL Optimization Check

URL Optimization Check is the process of analyzing a website’s performance specifically around URL structure, which helps search engines find, categorize and rank your website.
3 Meta discription

Meta Tag Assessment

A Meta Tag Assessment helps you analyze if your meta descriptions are accurate and inviting. This can help you boost your page’s ranking in search engines and the probability of a user clicking on your page.
4 content analysis

Content Grade

Content Grade or Score is used to define the quality of the content if the writing and optimizations are considered to be suitable content.
5 alt attibute

Image Optimization

Image optimization helps you rank your images on image search engines and the likes. It also is a way of helping your page be faster by reducing the file size of your page’s images without reducing its quality so that the load times of your pages stay low.
6 code analysis

Code Analysis

Source Code Analysis is the step done before a computer program or application is distributed or sold. It is a programmed examination of source code to debug the computer program or application.
7 URL resolve

Page Link Audit

A link audit assesses your page’s links and determines if they are properly optimized. This way your site can rank on search engines for your target keywords.
8 domain reg

Domain Grade

A Domain Grade is a rank score given to a website based on the likeliness of it to rank on search engine result pages or more known as SERPs, which ranges from 1 to 100. A higher domain grade means the ability to rank is also higher.
9 img

Mobile Friendly Check

A Mobile-Friendly Check is an evaluation that determines how easily a page is accessible on a mobile device, which can help your online presence.
10 social media

Social Media Audit

A social media audit helps a business grow by reviewing metrics to evaluate opportunities to grow and improve your social presence. It also helps a business recognize what works and what does not in terms of their social media efforts.
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